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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Second Life Community Entry Points

Second Life has a number of places that new users can sign up with that start the user out at different places in Second Life, places operated by various third party in partnership with Linden Lab, with the different places having different styles according to the tastes of the Second Life community partner.

I was looking for a simple list of these places and I didn't see one, so I made one.

As always when making a static copy of something, errors in copying can occur, and the information may become out of date.

These links take you to the sign up pages for these community entry points.

Second Life Netherland
Beste Nederlandse bezoekers! De site www.secondlife.nl is volledig Nederlandstalig. Op deze website vindt je tutorials en lees je het laatste Nederlandse Second Life Nieuws. De site teleport je naar de Introductieboerderij in world. Hier leer je Second Life in een handomdraai. Als je vragen hebt, kun je deze stellen aan de vriendelijke Nederlandse avatars bij de boerderij. Zij helpen je graag verder op weg.

Second Life Brasil
A Mainland Brasil - um empreendimento da KAIZEN Games - Second Life Global Provider, em parceria com o IG (Internet Group) - foi lançada, no Second Life, como um espaço para a comunidade que fala a língua portuguesa. Na Mainland Brasil, os usuários podem tornar-se assinantes Premium dentro do território da Mainland Brasil e alugar ou comprar terrenos em locais fantásticos como a praia de Copacabana! A Mainland Brasil foi totalmente localizada para a cultura brasileira e os residentes brasileiros podem contar com meios de pagamento locais, suporte técnico 24/7 e um Mercado de Linden Dólares próprio.

The L Word
Are you a fan of The L Word on Showtime? Visit The L Word in Second Life today. Discuss last season with other fans while having a cup of coffee at the Planet, rent land and customize your dream house and talk to stars from the show during virtual chats. The L Word in Second Life is the virtual destination for everything "L.

Big Pond
The Pond is a uniquely Australian place run by Telstra BigPond and comprising 11 beautiful islands. Visitors can enjoy free building on our Pondex island. They can climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge and visit the Sydney Opera House and Uluru. There is dancing and car racing, glittering media events and water sports around our beautiful lagoon/ice rink. There's even an authentic Outback pub with pool, kangaroos and beer. And for BigPond customers, we make our best efforts to make the content on the BigPond islands unmetered.

Anshe Chung的梦国

作为Second Life中最为成功的社区,,梦国以超过500个专业设计的景观区
和16 个风格迥异的主题区而著称于世.。梦国的每一个区域都以其独一无二的生活方式和特色鲜明的建筑风格, 营造出截然不同的感受。梦国现有的成千上万的居民,包括很多杰出的企业家和艺术家吸引着现实中的政府机关、全球100强,、非营利组织、富豪和社会名流纷纷选择梦国作为他们虚拟人生的总部。作为梦国的首都,Plush City是Second Life中最大的商业和娱乐专区,现在已经成为了一个充满人生体验和无限商机的大都会。在开发商Anshe Chung建立的自由的社会环境和有序的经济环境下,梦国已经成为了一个集财富和激情于一身的大陆,更成为了虚拟现实空间史上的一个奇迹。作为第一个开创国际知名网络虚拟社区的中国企业,长期以来

Anshe Chung's Dreamland

With more than 500 regions of professionally designed landscapes, Dreamland is organized in 16 themed zones, each hosting a unique lifestyle, experience or architectural style. Plush City, the capital of Dreamland, is Second Life's largest business and entertainment district, a bustling metropolis full of life and commerce. Governments, fortune 100 companies, billionaires and celebrities have chosen Dreamland as their virtual home, as have thousands of enthusiastic residents.

Visit STA Travel Island - the best way to get you started in Second Life! As home for the "Virtual World Traveler", our goal is to help you discover the must-see places and adventures in Second Life, while offering a great place to gather and socialize at the STA Travel Main Island. STA Travel is the world's largest travel company for student's and youth.

Melting Dots
イテムデ パート、フリースペース、自由に制作ができるサンドボックス、日本人向

Second House of Sweden
Sweden's virtual embassy in Second Life is a place where you can learn about Swedish design, art, food, film and nature. Meet Swedes, attend regular live events, or explore a beautiful Swedish archipelago.

MagSL (マグスル)はShibuya、Akibaなどを含む日本最大の日本人居住「MagSL Tokyo」、「MagSLTokyo2」、「MagSL Tokai」、情報サイトなどを提供しています。400万平米を超える広大な日本人居住区に新たに日本語チュートリアル島が加わりました!登録から操作方法まで日本語でOK!あなたのアバター(分身)の服装、住まいのことなど、セカンドライフを楽しむウェブマガジン「MagSL.NET」に詳しく掲載しております。ぜひご覧ください。

"Ben and Jerry's has made the leap into the virtual world. Take a tour of their futuristic environmentally friendly factory. Have an ice cream cone. Play the game called "Methaniac" and help to power the factory with meadow muffins. Ben & Jerry's in Second Life is the perfect place to start YOUR Second Life."

The Azure Islands
One of the largest resident owned and operated continents, with over 13 square kilometers of virtual land to explore and over a thousand residents to meet! We've prepared a new user experience that gives you a grounding in how to get the most out of Second Life!

Avatar Island
Make Avatar Island your first stop in Second Life! On Avatar Island you will find everything you need to create and accessorize your avatar before heading out into the virtual world. When you arrive on Avatar Island you'll be greeted by a helpful Welcome Center that will show you around and offer you new accessories for your avatar?all for FREE! This unique starting point within Second Life will help you become the avatar of your dreams. Don't settle for a plain looking avatar when it's just as easy to make a work of art! Only on Avatar Island can you simply use a photograph of yourself (or anyone else!) to make a personalized and truly unique avatar. Visit the lab in the center of the island to upload your picture. We'll do the rest!

Frankfurt ist die erste und größte deutsche Stadt in Second Life. Die Wiege der deutschen Demokratie präsentiert sich als virtuelle Erlebniswelt der deutschen Community. Sechs Clubs machen Party-Stimmung, dem Sport wird mit Eishockey und Fußball gedient, und das virtuellen Goethe-Haus und die Paulskirche runden das Kulturelle ab. Öffentliche Plätze bieten einen geeigneten Rahmen für große Open-Air-Events, Theater und Konzerte. Second Life Neulinge können im Anfänger-Parcours auf unserer Welcome Area die Grundlagen erlernen. Vor Ort helfen Euch Frankfurter Mentoren bei Fragen rund um das Bauen und Gestalten in Second Life. Eine "Sandbox" ermöglicht dann das Erlernte anzuwenden.

Orientation Station
Welcoming you to the Metaverse are five professionally built training regions and welcome area. Clever is our fun gamer region with cool Avatar appearances! Bright allows for general resident entry and also is a reservation region for VIP private use. Scholar is designed with extensive tutorials for educators and students. Business people who want quicker yet in depth training can enter our Genius region, where you will find business resources and corporate attire. Our Metaverse Mentors will provide personal attention and can even be paged from any region to assist you. OS supports 24 languages! We welcome you to enter a new experience in Second Life learning.

Bienvenue dans Second Life ! Gaïa est le lieu de naissance idéal pour votre seconde vie. A l'école francophone la plus populaire de Second Life, découvrez avec l'aide d'une équipe de bénévoles "french mentor" comment débuter sereinement dans Second Life et apprendre à construire au "bac à sable". Faites également connaissance avec des débutants et des "vieux de la vieille" à la coopération française qui vous guidera vers d'autres régions francophones.

Spanish Orientation Island
Hablas español? Únete a la Isla "Ñ", la primera Isla de Orientacion en Español de Second Life. Nace en la mayor comunidad hispana, con miles de usuarios.Nuestros orientadores te ayudarán a dar tus primeros pasos en este mundo virtual. Equipate con cientos de elementos gratuitos y visita en metro los lugares más populares.

Ven a visitarnos a la isla de orientacion española que desde el portal MundoSL.com hemos puesto en marcha, aquí podras empezar a dar tus primeros pasos con una guia en castellano e integrarte en la comunidad española. Hemos preparado 3 escenarios para que elijas el que mas se asemeje a tu forma de ser y puedas aprender a gusto y de forma facil como moverte por este mundo virtual. Ademas, te invitamos a conocer la pagina Web http://www.mundosl.com desde donde podras conocer informacion de Second Life como noticias, eventos, negocios... y participar en sus foros.

newBERLIN ist der maßstabsgetreue Nachbau Berlin. Komm vorbei und werde ein Mitglied der newBERLIN Streetlife Gruppe, erkunde die Metropole und nimm am Stadtleben teil. Es finden täglich verschiedenste Events und Partys statt. In newBERLIN lernst du Berliner Unternehmen und die Bräuche und Kultur der Stadt kennen. Außerdem kannst du Bewohner der Stadt und Leute aus der ganzen Welt treffen.
Ein Besuch newBERLINs ist ein Erlebnis der besonderen Art: Hier spürst du die Verschmelzung von Virtualität und Realität, die das 3D-Internet möglich macht.

You've seen the show...Now be the show! Investigate virtual crime scenes. Solve crimes in the CSI New York virtual lab. Match wits with the creator of CSI in the Murder by Zuiker blog game. Meet other CSI: NY fans in world. Explore New York in a whole new way. Virtual CSI New York...It's your world!

三境中国第二人生是为使用中文的第二人生玩家提供全面服务的综合性社区,里面有风景优美的环境,富有民族特色的建筑,别出心裁的学习区,开放民主的交流区。社区发起者三境公司专注于与Second Life相关的开发与服务。三境公司已为中国第二人生用户提供汉化客户端,方便不习惯英文的中国用户。 www.3jlife.com是三境公司为Second Life上的中文玩家和虚拟产品生产者提供的一个公平、公正、公开、便捷的交易平台, 帮助中文用户完成林登币交易,虚拟物品交易,虚拟地产交易等一系列商务活动。我们还专门在这个网站上设立了论坛,以便中文用户相互交流经验和技术。

The streets of Scion City seem laid back during the day, but as dusk falls and the shops close their doors, the nightlife begins to stir. Residents gather at underground clubs to share music, or in the streets to race their urban vehicles. Filled with misfits and even a local superhero, Scion City is a city unlike any other in Second Life. Is the sunset calling you home, or drawing you out?

The Brautigan & Tuck Holdings
The Brautigan & Tuck Holdings continent of Ancapistan features such basics as roadways and a functioning subway system that travels throughout a majority of the estates. The newly opened Ancapistan Capital Exchange (ACE), located in Venture Square, is just one of a host of other high-quality products and services that BnT Holdings has built its reputation upon. Visitors and residents are welcome to experience tutorials in Orientation Island, or sample a variety of entertainment venues, such as the Second Star Talent Contest, Teller Speedways, and Major League Combat. Ancapistan is a business-oriented continent with a positive vision of the metaverse and the free markets that are building it. At BnT Holdings, opportunity awaits you!

ISN Virtual Worlds
Sei italiano? Sei nuovo al mondo di Second Life? Entra a far parte della comunità ISN Virtual Worlds, sede del popolo italiano in Second Life! Qui troverete tanti amici disposti ad aiutarvi a prendere i vostri primi passi in questo nuovo mondo, oltre a musica, video, calcio, formula1, feste in spiaggia, serate a tema, eventi culturali, e altri eventi di ogni genere. E tutto in lingua italiana! La nostra comunità vi permetterà inoltre di far parte di tanti progetti che vi daranno la possibilità di contribuire al mondo e la vita quotidiana di SL. Crescete con noi, e aiutateci a far crescere Second Life.

France Pittoresque
Faites vos premiers pas, apprenez rapidement à vous repérer, maîtrisez les commandes indispensables, habillez gratuitement votre personnage pour évoluer dans ce monde virtuel et réalisez vos premières constructions sur le bac à sable. Besoin d'aide? Demandez à nos "éclaireurs". Ile paradisiaque et francophone sur Second Life depuis mars 2007, France Pittoresque une région de détente, culture, discussion, loisirs, shopping, où vous croiserez d'autres débutants comme vous, mais également des "anciens" avec qui vous pourrez échanger, qui sauront vous conseiller et vous donner de bonnes adresses. C'est également un groupe de plusieurs milliers de membres francophones, auxquels vous pourrez poser vos questions en cas de besoin

Dublin in SL
Dublin in SL is the vision and ongoing creation of Ham Rambler aka John Mahon, a Dubliner now living in London, U.K. Dublin in SL is a gathering place for the world, a place in virtual reality which reduces the barriers to entry for people of different backgrounds to get to know each other. Dublin in SL holds the Best Irish Bar In Virtual Reality, the Blarney Stone. Three things make a great Irish Bar and gathering place: Friendly People, Great Music, and Hostesses and Hosts to keep things movin' along. Social events and live DJ music held daily. Live music concerts held three times a week.

Mobile Factory
モバイルファクトリーが提供するセカンドライフ初心者向け登録方法には以下の特徴がございますのでご注意ください。 * 特徴1 : 登録が簡単すぎる!(約3分で完了!)
* 特徴2 : すぐに友達を作れるコミュニケーションツール「Wassr」をプレゼント!
* 特徴3 : セカンドライフの通貨「リンデンドル」がもらえるキャンペーン随時開催!
* 特徴4 : 日本人が多い!

Sera Korea
“새로운 인생, 새로운 커뮤티니” 세라코리아로 오세요!!세라코리아는 여러분의 꿈이 실현되는 신개념 3D 커뮤니티 공간입니다.
세 라코리아를 통해 세컨드라이프 가입을 하시면 체계적인 메뉴얼을 통해 세컨드라이프를 시작할 수 있으며 쇼핑몰, 영화세트장, 카페, 댄스홀, 샌드박스등이 마련되어 있는 세라코리아에서 다양한 컨텐츠 및 UCC 공간을 제공받으실 수 있고,
또한 세라코리아 인월드에서는 상시 거주하는 공식도우미 아바타(멘토)에게 어려움과 문제점에 대해 도움을 받을 수 있답니다. 다양한 정보를 공유할 수 있는 세라코리아의 커뮤니티 사이트(www.serakorea.com) 와 함께 세컨드라이프를 즐길 수 있는 기회도 놓치지 마세요.
* 세라코리아는 한국의 세컨드라이프 글로벌 프로바이더 입니다.

And of course the old faithful, Linden Lab's Orientation Island
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