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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Flock: much better when it's working right!

I've been using the Flock browser for a little while now for my regular browsing, 

I did not have the social networking features working properly.

I suspect this is because I junked it up by adding a bunch of Firefox extensions that messed it up.   I'm not sure what the problem was.

I use two computers, the better one more for virtual worlds, and the slower one for surfing.  Yesterday I decided to install the new 1.1 beta on the better machine, where it would have a fresh start, no old registry entries, no desire to copy anything from an old installation, etc.

I then went through and did the Tools Accounts and Services procedure, logging in to  facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Blogger, Wordpress.com, gmail, yahoo mail, etc.

I now have the social networking features working properly for the first time.  I have one list that has all my "friends" from Twitter, facebook, YouTube, and Flickr in one list.  Each "friend" has options to message them, check their profile, etc, varying with which service the connection has been made with. 

There's a search field to search for names, searching the combined friend's list for all the services.

It's quite neat really.  I'd been pleased with Flock just for normal surfing.   Now that I got it working more properly, and became a bit more familiar with the instructions, it's much better.

I definitely  recommend giving flock a try as a browser. 

Hmm, that reminds, I haven't  updated my Opera Kestrel 9.5  beta yet this weekend.
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