DD YOU Sue Baskerville: Fixing Fouled Up Favicons in Flock?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fixing Fouled Up Favicons in Flock?

The favicons for SecondLife.com sites has gotten screwed up in Flock on my system.

The tabs for secondlife.com sites were tending to display some orange and black icon I don't recognize.

With a few minutes of my attention I've managed to get it screwed up even worse that before.

Now there's a whole bunch of sites showing the default favicon.

Doing About:Config and turning browser site icons off and back on doesn't fixing it.

Deleting a bookmark for the site and reinstalling it doesn't work.

I tried adding a Firefox extension that let's you change favicons for bookmarks but I don't necessarily have the favicons and the problem isn't just or primarily with favicons for bookmarks, it's the favicons for the tabs also.

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