DD YOU Sue Baskerville: 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

To what uses are micro-arrays of piezoelectric components being put? http://amplify.com/u/ee7w

SL Jira VWR-17168 Separate Real World info from SL info in profile tab

I don't want to see people's Real Life info unless I deliberately look for it.

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Separate Real World information from Second Life in the profile tab

Move the real world information to its own tab in the resident's profile. RL information will still be there for those who want to see it but not forced upon those who don't want to see it.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

#SL Jira VWR-23024: Replace the sidebar icons with a main menu option

I don't want little icons sticking into the 3D viewport all the time, nor most nor even some of the time. You shouldn't want that either.

Next I'll think I'll file an issue to get the "Stand Up" button out of the viewport.

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As a user, I'd like to have the sidebar icons replaced with a "Panels" option in the main menu

As a user,I don't want any icons, such as specifically the sidebar icons for inventory, people, etc. sticking into the 3D viewport. I'd like them replaced with a "Panels" option in the main menu.

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#SL Jira: keep a searchable list of previously used display names to chose from #SecondLife

Ceera Murakami proposed a nice idea: Keep a publicly searchable list of display names for a user to choose from - the user can change names easily, and others can find them by searching for one of the names in the list.

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Display Names: Retain a queue of previously used Display Names that the resident can switch between, and which remain visible in their Profile

Make the Resident's Profile display an "AKA list", located on the Profile tab, between their in-world info and their real life info, and showing the last 10 Display Names that the Resident has used.

Those ten names could be switched between at will by the resident for use as Display Names, with no fee, but new names could only be added to the list once per week (with or without a fee, or a requirement to be Premium, or other restrictions). That list would be searchable data, so even if the resident wasn't displaying "Trevor Bloodmoon the Werewolf" as their current display name, you could still find them in Search by that inactive but occasionally used display name.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I got an invite for the Lego Universe beta - but not as Sue Baskerville

I got my invite into the Lego Universe beta, but not for a SuezanneC Baskerville based identity.  I have yet to try it out.  I'm sure I'd have tried it already if I'd been accepted for a Sue Baserville identity.  Ah well, perhaps I'll try it tonight anyway.

My content creation level - posts on friendfeed, the SL blog-forum, friendfeed posts, and so on has dropped a lot.  I spend too much time just tabbing back and forth reading stuff of no great value.  Tonight I opened all the places on my Google profile and did something with each site.  Man do I know how to party!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Lego Universe MMO looks like it would be fun.

Does a building game like this have any particular special appeal to those who like the Second Life virtual world?

Are there any techniques for rendering a changing world with user generated content used in Lego Universe that would be useful in Second Life?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Interface Or Content?

I was thinking earlier this morning about Linden Lab's attempt to increase the retention rate for Second Life by making the interface in their Viewer 2.0 beta look more like a browser, the idea I guess being that browsers are popular or that people like browser interfaces or are familiar with them.

According to statements I've read, most people don't even know what a browser is.

People don't use browsers because they like browsers, they use browsers because browsers get them to the content on the web that they like. It's the porn and the gadget reviews and squirrel catapulting videos on YouTube that get people to use browsers.

Put porn, bootleg videos, and shopping sites in a Lotus 123 for DOS interface and people would use that.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Avatars United

Avatars United is a sort of social network for people with lots of avatars.

Avatars United was recently purchased by Linden Lab, makers of the Second Life virtual world.

in reference to: Avatars United | Home (view on Google Sidewiki)


SLUniverse is the Second Life community's oldest user operated social web site. SLUniverse hosts the oldest running Second Life related forums in existence, including those operated by Second Life, since Linden Lab eliminated their old forum and replaced it with modified blog software.

Cristiano Midnight (an SL avatar name) is the operator of SLUniverse. Cristiano was known in early SL days for selling animations, and was a frequent poster in the official SL forums.

SLUniverse has been modified numerous times over the years. It used to have a java based IRC client to access the #secondlife IRC channel; this was removed presumably due to dwindling demand. I believe Cristiano ran a Ventrillo voice chat server prior to voice being incorporated into Second Life. SLUniverse is also the home of popular Second Life image storage and sharing site Snapzilla. Sign up with Snapzilla, link your Flickr account, and you can email an SL snapshot to Snapzilla and it will be forwarded to Flickr.

Once years ago I suggested to Cris that it would be good if the Snapzilla pictures offered a link that shrunk SL screenshots to the maximum desirable size for display in the official SL forums. In just a few days from the time of the request he made that available. Cristiano listens to his users and tries to accomodate them.

SLUniverse has a shopping system which at the time of this writing is in the process of being upgraded. I wonder what it will like when the upgrade is though?

in reference to: SLUniverse.com - Second Life Community (view on Google Sidewiki)

Reaction Grid

Reaction Grid is a virtual world built on OpenSim technology.

Reaction Grid offers, among other things, a computer set up with a virtual world consisting of nine sims. That's something that might be of interest to a school that wants a secure virtual world where only the teachers and students can get in.

in reference to: ReactionGrid - 3D Collaboration for Educators and Business (view on Google Sidewiki)