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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Me.dium - what the heck is it? does it work?

There's a Flock extension called Me.dium that apparently let's you see what other people are browsing on, or chat with other people that are using Me.dium.

The interface  is confusing.  The interface fits in a sidebar, and shows some sort of graph or diagram or website favicons that changes as you surf in the other side of the screen.

People type stuff in a tiny text entry area with a lot of typing lag, and then they can't see their text appear.

The comments appear disjointed like no one sees anyone else's comments and thus no one gets a response.

The scroll bar in the chat area vanishes when the cursor isn't over it so it might take you hours to find or maybe you wouldn't never find it at all. 

I can't see what good this application is.
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  1. Hey, my name is Jen and I'm part of the team at Me.dium. Sorry about your confusion with our sidebar. I would be more than happy to clarify some of your questions and hopefully help you see Me.dium's functionality. Please feel free to friend me, my username is "jenniferlauren"

    I look forward to talking to you,

    Jenny :)