DD YOU Sue Baskerville: The Hipihi company gives its users the finger.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Hipihi company gives its users the finger.

The Hipihi company  has given its users the finger. To be more accurate, it's given each of them ten fingers.

The fingers the users have received are attachment points, parts of the avatar body to which a virtual world object can be attached, or in Hipihi-English parlance, mounted.

Hipihi- arm attachment points - ten fingers

The Hipihi company has not only given it's users ten fingers, it's also given them upper arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, and hands, and a bunch more attachment points on other body parts.

Hipihi now has the capacity for user created textures for objects like houses and furniture, user created textures for clothing, user created objects made from parametric prims, user modifiable pre-made objects, and user created custom animations.  The custom textured, custom made objects can be attached to the avatars to create object-style costume pieces  for humanoid avatars, like helmets and armor, or to create robots, animals, cartoon characters, etc.

With each finger having one attachment point, I bet users won't take too long to start asking for separate attachment points for each joint.  That's just the way users are, eh?

Here I am with a few objects attached to upper arm, forearm, and skull.

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