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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Replacing Google

I have read that Google will be replacing it's static text ads with animated images, flash, and video ads. Whether this is true and when it might come about I don't know,but if Google does this then I won't have any reason to use Google instead of the alternative search engines, so this prompts me to wonder what the alternatives would be for those who don't like moving stuff on the screen such as video ads?

I'm registered with Microsoft's Office Live Basic, which give you Windows Live Mail. When I go use my Windows Live Mail, there are moving ads on the screen, and I hate it.

I have a Yahoo Mail account, same thing, after I try to use it for just a minute I think, well, even thought Gmail lacks folders because of some pigheaded ideologue on it's staff, at least it doesn't a bunch of video ads or animated gif ads or flash ads.

So will any other search company rise to the challenge of meeting the demands of those who hate moving or noise making ads?

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