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Sunday, June 10, 2007

SL Jira issue - MOTD on IM open - VWR-1149

There's a Jira issue created by Timeless Prototype, VWR-1149 that you might want to vote for.

When a user chooses to IM another person, as soon as the IM window is opened it should display the recipient's MOTD text that they will have entered in their preferences.

The text should be able to include http:// links that would open up a browser and could be used for FAQ pages etc.

It is essential that the MOTD appears before any messages are sent by the user. [Edit]It should display the MOTD regardless of whether the recipient is online or not.[/Edit] The idea is to reduce the massive number of IMs that come through to individuals, also known as "IM Storms".

Example use cases:

A person with a great deal of SL customers all asking the same questions: sets their MOTD to "Thank you for your interest in our products, if you are about to ask a question it is most likely answered already in our FAQ: http://www.example.com/faq.html. Please check that before sending any messages. Questions that are answered in the FAQ will not be answered via IM. Thank you."

A Linden Lab employee: "Hi, I am responsible for facilitating communications with open source developers. If you need some other kind of help from a Linden, please visit this page to directly contact a more appropriate member of staff: http://www.example.com/contacts_and_roles.html"

An RL business manager: "Please direct all queries via Joe Bloggs or Jane Bloggs as I am currently away on holiday. You can also contact us in other ways by viewing our contacts page: http://www.example.com/contacts.html"

An estate manager: "My hours of duty are from 18:00 to 21:00 PDT. For help outside these hours, contact Joe Bloggs"

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